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Natural Medicine
Autonomic Response Testing

Meet Cheryl

Meet Cheryl

Natural Medicine Specialist

Cheryl began her career in natural medicine 16 years ago, after completing an honours degree in Nutritional Therapy at the University of Westminster. She has since guided well over 1000 people on their quests for transformed health & wellness. For 4 years she was the Director of Nutrition at the National Nutrition Clinic, London. Following this she took on the role of Head Clinician at The Nutrition Coach clinic, Harley Street. For the last 10 years she has been practicing independently.   

Cheryl's early training was in the principles of Functional Medicine - touted as being the method of choice for getting to the root cause of chronic disease. It is said by those in the field to be the future of medicine, but Cheryl was always uncomfortable with the prescriptive parallels between functional medicine & mainstream medicine. Due to its heavy focus on expensive laboratory testing and resulting protocols of nutritional supplements. This could all be justified if people got to their end goal of transformed health, but it is not always the case. Although Cheryl was never a practitioner that had her clients spend £1000 or more on lab tests and £500 per month on supplements, she had clients come to her having already seen other practitioners & they were thousands of pounds out of pocket with little more than expensive urine & some lab reports with fancy graphs to show for it. It seemed for a number of years to Cheryl that pieces of the puzzle were missing. 

Thankfully life has led her to a more reliable method of getting to the root cause of peoples ailments... Enter Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and his non-invasive diagnostic technique Autonomic Response Testing (aka A.R.T.). 

Cheryl has since trained in the technique directly with Dr Klinghardt and is one of only a handful of practitioners in the UK to have been certified as a practitioner by the Klinghardt Institute. 

The technique and training has filled the voids that Cheryl had been uncomfortably aware of in her formative years as a clinician. In a nutshell it fulfils for her on a complex understanding that yes, we do have biochemistry and the physical structure of our bones, organs, & glands, which can all be influenced to an extent by the foods that we put in our mouths and the nutrients those contain. But at a deeper level we are electrical (energetic) beings with measurable  electro-magnetic fields. Deeper again we are made up of powerful beliefs about who we are & what we are capable of. And going even further into the depths of our current make-up we understand that our genetic expression is informed by DNA faults (called SNPs) passed forward by our ancestors as a result of the traumas in their lifetimes.  

ART is a system that allows for exploration of health at all these levels of being. A truely holistic approach to wellness.  

In her personal life, Cheryl loves to dance and finds it to be a wonderful way to get out of the head and into the body. Exploring her life, patterns and relationship dynamics on the dance floor through 5Rhythms is her favourite way to unwind. 


She is deeply connected to nature and enjoys hiking, camping & growing her own veg. She connects to her Celtic heritage & her heart by joyfully singing folk songs as a daily ritual.   


Cheryl is the intrepid mother of Shae, who keeps her on her toes & inspires her daily with the insights & wisdom only a 7 year old can provide. They travel avidly together, current highlights being: an eco retreat in the wild Hungarian countryside; the souks of Marrakesh; & a castle in the Tuscany Hills with a CBD oil plantation in its olive groves. 

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“I had seen all types of practitioners from GPs, to Naturopaths, & Chinese Medicine Doctors & had gotten nowhere. In my first consultation with Cheryl, I felt at home, comforted & had finally found someone who saw my issues as real. She found some infections that took some work to get rid of, but once they were gone, I felt like a million dollars. I now call Cheryl my lifesaver! I recommend her to anyone who wants to get to the bottom of their symptoms.”

— P Huynh, Melbourne, Australia


East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK

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